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What Are The Best Online Marketing Strategies?



If you're just beginning or revising your strategy for digital marketing It could be a daunting task of deciding on where to put your energy and, more importantly, the budget. Are there any "perfect" universal marketing strategies that's suitable for all? It's the answer you likely imagine is not. Instead, a holistic approach that makes use of a variety of strategies at different points in the buying process is the best choice you can make.  However, this does not make the procedure any less difficult. If you're picking and selecting from the myriad of digital marketing strategies available there, it's difficult to decide which direction to take.

With 2022 just around the corner comes budgeting and planning for marketing. Here's a look at the most efficient digital marketing strategies and how they are most effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There isn't a definitive "best" strategy for digital marketing, search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, must be a must. SEO is the act of using words and keywords associated with your business that your ideal customer is looking for. SEO plays a crucial role throughout the buying process starting with initial research and ending with the final decision-making. To underscore its importance and importance, by 2021 around 85 percent of B2B buyers make use of search in their research; however, only a small percentage of us get onto the next page in results. Why? Most searches will provide answers or solutions to the issue they're trying to solve right on the first page This is the reason getting ranked for the most relevant terms and making your site stand out is crucial. No matter which mix of strategies for digital you're making up, SEO is the key ingredient!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

However, SEO may not solve your entire keyword ranking problems. It's a viable strategy, however, achieving top positions for each term requires lots of effort and time which includes good content writing as well as keyword research linking, and a solid website. PPC however, in contrast lets you begin getting on the first page of results with virtually no downtime and with fewer Google demands. Like the name suggests, your company is paid for every click that your site receives. While this might not sound appealing, think about this: if I'm not displaying on the internet, who else is? Despite the difficulties of 2020 the amount of B2B advertising dollars in search has increased, which suggests that advertising is becoming more in the market.

PPC for Google results is most effective towards the end of the funnel, and also ready-to-buy or transactional keywords. Indeed, users who click on ads are 50percent more likely to purchase or even call or send an RFQ, than the searcher who is using organic results. Even if you're already experiencing an increase in natural traffic PPC will help you close gap in keywords you're having and the multiple appearances on search results will increase your competitive edge.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is inextricably linked with SEO methods, and you must aim to provide users with the information they need which will help them through the purchasing process. By doing this, you'll increase your credibility and build trust with your potential customers. Content types that you can use to promote your business include eBooks, blogs, infographics, case studies and many more. The content should be relational and informational instead of transactional.

By 2021 the majority of business buyers reported that they had read the content on a websiteand looked for the authority and leadership of the site to make their buying choices. It is the most efficient form of marketing at the start of the funnel because it draws buyers to your site. It allows your brand or your business to be more relevant to consumers when they search for solutions to solve their problems and helps in building credibility. You can create content throughout the buying process by making your content relevant to the specific needs of your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent opportunity to expand your reach with a lesser cost than your other marketing initiatives. Similar to an engine that searches you can make organic content for your company page as well as ads sponsored by advertisers and content that can reach out to the current users. Social media is a great tool when it comes to remarketing by showing new content/services/products to past website visitors.

Social media is particularly helpful in delivering all of the amazing content you've created on your site and a lot of B2B marketing professionals are familiar with. About 96 percent of B2B marketers claim to utilize their LinkedIn business page to share information, and 83% of them use it to advertise which makes it the most popular platform to distribute content ( Sprout Social). Similar to the content, social media is an essential tool for building trust and building relationships with your customers who are currently and those that will come in the future.

Marketing Email

Email has stood all the tests of time and is expected to remain the primary method of communication between B2B professionals. It's a powerful tool in the buying process to build brand awareness and keeping your brand top of mind with customers who are already customers and encouraging regular transactions. Marketing via email lets you remain top of mind even though your target audience may not be ready to make a decision right now but they'll remember you when they are at the point of making a decision.

Similar to social, it's a great method for content distribution to give customers knowledge, information and continually establish your reputation as an expert. It's an excellent instrument for segmenting your audience by behaviour. For example, you could make lead lists based on the number who sign up to receive more information about your service or product. You could also retarget previous customers to remind them of new deliveries of their preferred products arrive, or provide suggestions for other products they might enjoy.

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

If time and budget were not a problem We'd all be playing the game of marketing via digital channels! However, for the majority of us, this isn't possible and we're left to choose which channels to put our time and cash into. Based on what you know about each channel, here's some steps you can consider when deciding on the best marketing strategy.

  1. Review what's (and isn't) functioning. This can be accomplished by looking through the Google Analytics data and reviewing where your traffic is coming from. Examine behavioral metrics such as bounce rates and conversion rates to identify which channels are most effective and which ones require more focus. Are you getting a lot of traffic to your blog, but not many conversions? Then maybe your first step is to better utilize the content. Are you getting amazing outcomes from certain tactics and strategies used in the success of your PPC campaigns? Perhaps it's time to broaden your campaign and test these strategies for new campaigns.

  2. You can spy on your rivals. It's not a requirement to duplicate the same tactics they're using. Instead, be aware of the tactics they're employing as well as their rankings, messages and advertising placements. Consider yourself in the customer's position and conduct the same research they'd be doing when they are looking for your product or service. Are you getting other businesses that you don't? While you review the possibilities that appear to position themselves as authoritative? These are the areas that must be evaluated and pinpoint areas where you may require improvement to increase your edge in the market.

  3. Do not put all of your eggs into one basket because it is possible for anything to happen. A competitor may open the possibility of opening a new office within your region or it could result in an epidemic that spreads across the world. It's crucial to remain flexible and not be confined to a single strategy. Keep your mind agile enough that you are able to react to market trends even if they're not expected!

We hope that this summary of the most efficient digital marketing strategies can give you some suggestions for the digital marketing strategy you will implement in 2022. Keep in mind that each works best when combined with other strategies or diversifying your marketing channels. most efficient way to market your business online!

If you're having trouble getting started or you'd like to have another perspective on your marketing strategy, we're ready to discuss it! Top Floor can help you assess your current efforts with extensive audits, and help you to the most effective online marketing plan for your company. Contact Top Floor today.

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