Ways To start a blog in 2023 {Blogging support for beginners}



want to make money online by starting a blog and want to enjoy the good life as a blogger?

If yes! then you are at the right place to do both at the same time

In simple terms, what makes you happier than you following your passion and making money.

people start blogging for many motives like:-

  • sharing new learnings with others. 
  • recording your thoughts
  • making good income 
  •  free gadgets and many more things for review
  •  freely traveling

or many more,

many of you are for one of the above reasons, and some have other reasons, but although, blogging helps you achieve your goals quickly.

so, without further delay

let's get started about how to start a blog in 2023

more importantly, as a beginner-

1. picking a blog topic(niche)

2. selecting the blogging platform

3. pick a domain name and hosting for a blog

4. Install WordPress on the blog (for written tutorial comment below)

5. setup or make a design for the blog

6.install best plugins(for written tutorials comment below)

7. write a blog post 

8. share your post with a world 

9. monetize your blog9for written tutorial comment below)

10. drive organic traffic and earn money and exposure

Note: To make it more straightforward for you to make a move, I'm proposing just those choices concerning stage, and facilitating which are working for everybody

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