What Is SEO? What Are The Benefits Of SEO!


What Is SEO?

SEO is a practice to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic in order to rank high on google and other search engines. This process includes everything that needs to improve your website, as per google algorithm. SEO is the best way to rank your website without any advertisement.

SEO helpful to understand what internet users are searching for online. It is a way to increase the quality of a website and make it easier for users to understand and provide high quality content.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is a practice to improve user experience and quality of a website. SEO is very important in today’s competitive market. Millions of users perform queries everyday to find solutions for their problems. SEO can help to get unlimited traffic to a website from search engines without ads. It helps to drive more sales to your business.

Type Of SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page is a very important part of SEO, it is a process that includes everything you need to improve in a webpage or website. The main aim of on-page SEO is to speak the search engine language and help crawlers understand the content and a webpage. On-page SEO is important because it helps a website to crawl fast.

On-Page SEO Techniques

  • Publish high quality content.
  • Optimize title and meta description.
  • Image optimization.
  • URL optimization.
  • Headlines and content formatting.
  • Internal and external links.
  • Mobile Friendliness.

Off-Page SEO

Off -page SEO is about link building to make a website valuable and send signals to search engines to convince them about the quality and importance of a website.

Off- Page SEO Techniques

  • Creating shareable content.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Social bookmarking submission.
  • PPT submission.
  • Video submission.
  • Guest post.
  • Pdf submission.
  • Image submission.

 Benefits Of SEO

  • SEO helps a website to rank in top position in search engines.
  • Cost for SEO is indirect, you only have to pay for service if you can’t do SEO yourself.
  • If you manage to rank high in search engines the SEO traffic is continuous as long as you stay in rank.
  • SEO is the best and most effective way to generate more leads to business and the best way to reach customers.
  • You don’t have to pay to get clicks in SEO.
  • You can generate more traffic than PPC through organic search.

How To Check SEO Success

SEO success measured by tracking the performance of a website?  The easiest way to measure the success is by tracking the traffic of your website from organic search. You can use Google Analytics to measure your website performance.

White Hat vs. Black Hat

If you want to work SEO quickly, you’ll probably end up doing black hat SEO rather than white hat SEO. In black hat SEO focuses on optimizing your website only for the search engine to get rank high faster. In this type of SEO, user preference is considered.  There are lots of rules breaking involved in black hat SEO to rank high, and make more money fast.

The approach result is spammy and won’t last longer and get banned fast. Black hat SEO can be a disaster and ruin their chance to grow  business sustainably in the future. On the other hand white hat SEO lasts longer and you can build a sustainable future for a business. White hat SEO is focused on providing best quality content and work according to the search engine’s rules.

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